The worlds most spectacular run

It’s said to be one of the worlds most spectacular ultramarathons. The Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, also called Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon, is held every February in Urique, Mexico. About 70 foreign ultra-marathoners compete against Tarahumaras in a 80 km long run.

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The race is divided into three loops, respectively 35, 29 and 16 kilometers. For each loop the runners finish they receive gift cards. The cards can be used throughout the area as vouchers to get food. It costs nothing for the Tarahumaras to participate in the race, and Caballo Blanco encourage all foreigners to donate money.
While the Indians are here because of the food, many of the foreigners are here because of the book “Born to run”. A book about the running technique of the Tarahumaras and about the legendary Micah True “Caballo Blanco”.

When I first learned about Tarahumara, I thought, wait a minute, they do not use special equipment, they are not damaged, they run from an early age until they are about 80 – so what makes them so special? They remember that running is a knowledge. The rest of us have made it a commodity, a product, but it is a physical knowledge.

— Micah True Caballo Blanco

It’s the Tarahumara Miguel Lara that wins the race with the incredible time, six hours and 40 minutes (06h 40m), an average speed of 12 kilometers per hour in the mexican heat, up and down the mountain in the wilderness. He wins some 17,000 NOK (3.000 USD), a fortune for a Tarahumara. And he wins food stamps equivalent to a ton of corn.
Daniel Orálek takes the second place, only four minutes behind. German Silva is third, eleven minutes behind the first place. All of the three break the old course record (07h 04m) held by Miguel Lara.

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