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10 portraits of senior drivers with their car

“You´ll never get my driver´s license” They have passed 75, 80, 90 and 100 years. With the driver’s license well placed in their back pockets they go out for a drive on Norwegian roads. Maybe, they have annoyed some of … Continue reading

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Garry Kimovich Kasparov

Garry Kimovich Kasparov, considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time, now writer and political activist, visited the Norwegian capital, Oslo, to celebrate his 50th birthday. During his stay in Oslo he met the norwegian press … Continue reading

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Children are fleeing the war

More than 50% of all the Syrian fleeing to Lebanon are children. It´s early morning in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, only a couple of kilometers from the Syrian border. Together with their family of twelve, Mahmoud (7) and Nasser … Continue reading

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Norwegian food waste could feed 1 million persons every year.

Containers both in homes and stores around in Norway are filled every day with delicious food for thousands of norwegian kroner. The easter holiday and christmas holiday are the worst periods of the year. For a month I’ve lived as … Continue reading

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At least 70 die in Oslo,Norway, after shooting and bombing

Norway suffered dual attacks on Friday, when powerful explosions from one or more car bombs shook the government center in the capital and, shortly after, a gunman dressed as a police officer stalked youths on an island summer camp for … Continue reading

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Nepal – Keshari’s life

 For 10 years Maoists armed to their teeth prowled Nepal’s remote Himalayan trails dodging attacks from army helicopters. Today, five years after a peace accord ended the insurgency, tourists armed with cameras and water purification tablets are following in the … Continue reading

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Cease-fire in Gaza

During the last four days 19 Palestinian have been killed. 57 are injured. Both Israel and Hamas now agrees on cease-fire. The violence started when a rocket was fired against an Israeli school bus thursday. Two persons were injured. The Israeli … Continue reading

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Hmong people of Laos

Many Hmong are being forced to relocate from their highland homes to areas with poor agricultural potential. Share this post (above) and please like my facebook page (below) Little was known about the ethnic Hmong people, and even less about … Continue reading

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27 percent of voters were deceased.

Despite international pressure, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is going to run in the country’s polls scheduled for June this year. The ZANU-PF ruled the country since independence in 1980 with the 86-year-old Mugabe being one of the longest-serving rulers in … Continue reading

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Haiti – One year after the earthquake

The 12th of January 2010 a 7 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean city Port Au Prince, Haiti. More than 230.000 people died. The streets were full of dead bodies and the smell unbearable for the inhabitants of Haiti’s capital city. … Continue reading

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Forgotten children of Iraq

The war in Iraq has taken its toll on all sides, but those left to suffer are the children. Eight years have passed since the war ended but many children are still paying the price. Eight year old Hussein stumbles … Continue reading

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Unwelcome to France

In August of 2010 the French government, leaded by President Nicolas Sarkozy, decided to condemn criminals of “foreign origin”. Hundreds of Roma encampments were violently razed and more than 1,000 of the 20,000 Roma in France were deported. The Roma … Continue reading